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In Supporting mental health patients, The Strength Foundation is one of the leading forces. It is our mission to support everybody as much as e can. Several studies have been performed to show a rise in BAME community mental health related cases. A every point, it is important for us to help this community. We are all working together to impress the life and living conditions of this people.

The Strength Foundation are been around for many years and it is one of the leading charity that support mental health patient. Our goal forward is carry on the amazing work to our community going forward.

According to Department of Health, a large proportion of the United Kingdom population comes from the BAME (Black, Asian and ethnic minority) community. BAME communities’ mental health is important because individuals from these communities also face individual and social barriers that can impair access to healthcare and overall mental and physical health. Other factors includes social and economic inequality and the criminal justice system. It is important to notice that our service is to serve every community across the United Kingdom. This charity is a very inclusive organisation that is there to provide it service to anymore that demands it.